Average Joe

Average Joe

Craft: Woodworking 

Workshop Size: 12ft x 8ft Shed 

Location: Wolverhampton 

Workshop Beverage: GFUEL Rainbow Sherbet 

Show: While The Glue Dries
Thursdays 7-8 pm

Bio: Joe is very much an Average Joe that believes Average Can Be Extraordinary.  

From simple crafty items to larger furniture pieces and even sheds! Joe builds it all and films the process for his YouTube channel. He hopes to show that if he can make something, then you certainly can!  

If you have missed a show you can always download the show from the archive, pop over to the Maker Radio archive feed on this link http://makerradio.net/feed/podcast or you can check out just Joe’s shows on http://makerradio.net/feed/podcast/podcastwhilethegluedries.

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